All Aboard the Wayward Spirit

The Asteroid Belt

Outside an Imperial listening post that was hidden in an asteroid, the party concluded an engagement with two squadrons of TIE fighters, one of which was led by a TIE Aggressor. With the help of Crash Raynor, the TIE fighters were eventually defeated.

During the course of the battle, Kera Tolan detected a signal that was being exchanged with an unknown location on Jagomir. Believing that the signal could be pinpointed from inside the base, the party landed on the asteroid and ventured into the base.

The central command room in the base was guarded by several Stormtroopers, as well as an Imperial Commander. After an intense firefight, the Imperials eventually surrendered, and the party was able to pinpoint the signal of the transmission from Jagomir.

After departing the asteroid base, with several Imperial prisoners, the party began to race back toward Jagomir and the fleet with news of their discovery.

The Caverns
New allies and new baubles
Freedom of the Zell
'The enemy are the white men'
The Wheel
A new ship, a new contact and old enemies.

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