Enod Nightshade

Reclusive force-sensitive



Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Adult


Appearance: Disheveled, Slender
Social Traits: Peaceful, Quiet, Secretive, Suspicious

Enod almost always wears black. He has a tendency to appear and disappear quite mysteriously. Some of this may be attributable to his force powers, but some of it involves his natural skills involving stealth.



  • Enod reportedly left the fleet a few days before the PCs arrived on the Blue Radiance during Episode II.
  • His stated purpose for leaving was to track down a lead based on some information he had received from an unknown source. Commander Lishen did not question him further about the lead, since she trusts him implicitly.

Motivation and Philosophy

  • Enod is a continually concerned that he is being hunted by Inquisitors. He is obsessed with avoiding detection, and seems to have great fear about being exposed to the Dark Side of the Force.

Other Endeavors

  • Enod is a member of the Rebel Alliance

Enod Nightshade

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