Koskit Arist'ok

Everyone's favorite diplomatic drunkard.


Koskit always presents himself as though he is above everyone else. And often times he believes it.

Koskit of family Arist (Beloved), Clan Uok grew up to a decently wealthy family. He spent his youth on Bothawui and always had a yearning for something more exciting. Ultimately he had a huge dissagreement with his clan over supporting the Rebel Alliance which led to him leaving his home planet and never looking back.

He found himself on Nar Shadaa many months later and felt entirely out of place. However he utilized his skills and fell in with a band of smugglers who were just trying to make an honest living. He became their information broker and even picked up a few skills by patching them up from time to time.

After the Battle of Nar Shadaa he lost several of his best friends and this fueled his hatred for the Empire even more. Now he has left Nar Shadaa and is determined to make the Empire pay for the losses he has suffered.

(Duty) Koskit has a goal of trying to obtain support from as many different factions as he can to support the Rebellion in overthrowing the Empire. His current interest lie in trying to convince groups of smugglers and mercenaries to lend their support to the cause. Hopefully further down the line he can gain the support of even more influential factions.

(Motivation) After the Empire planned to destroy Nar Shadaa and his friends paid the ultimate sacrifice for it he has made it his personal goal to harm the Empire in any way he possibly can.

Koskit Arist'ok

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