Jungle planet in outer rim.


Astrogation Data: Esstran Sector, Jaga’s Cluster, Outer Rim Territories
Climate: Tropical
Terrain Type: Mountains, Caves, Swamp
Government: Rebel Alliance
Languages: Basic

Orbital Metrics

329 days per year / 30 hours per day


306 (70% Human, 20% Bothan, 10% other)

Points of Interest

  • The Shimmering Falls
  • Aethron Mountains

Resolute Base

  • Sits in the shadow of a mountain range, on some of the only stable land in a massive swamp.
  • The base is covered by a massive tree canopy.
  • The Alliance has added additional camoflauge in the form of tarps and covers to help conceal the base and ships that are based on the planet.
  • The moisture-heavy environment wreaks havoc on ships’ systems. Thus far, Alliance engineers have not succeeded in finding a solution for protecting the craft.


Trade Routes: None
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: technology, food


  • Jagomir is hidden deep in Jaga’s Cluster.
  • Home of thousands of alien species, though none is sentient.
  • Terrain features towering moutnain ranges dividing large swaths of swampland. There are 30 or so small continents surrounded by dark seas.


  • The Rebel Alliance recently took up residence on this planet.


  • Jagomir is home to an evil, force-sensitive species known as the Evarran. The Evarran are semi-sentient beasts that can communicate very primitive thoughts through telepathy.


  • Sprawling marshes and swamps, shouded in mist contain hazards – from sinkholes to hostile flora and fauna. Visitors should proceed into the wild with extreme caution.
  • Jagomir’s atmoshphere is breathable, but not comfortable. Temperatures can reach unbearable levels.


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