Ord Radama


Major transport hub and Imperial center of activity.

Astrogation Data: Esstran Sector, Ord Radama System, Outer Rim, Radama Void
Type: Planet
Climate: Tropical
Terrain: Urban, Wetlands
Government: Imperial Governor
Languages: Basic, Devlikk
Orbital Metrics: 360 days per year/25 hours per day
Population: 1.5 Billion (62% human, 28% Devlikk, 10% other)


- Centuries ago, species from across the galaxy began to visit the planet because it had close proximity to the Sith worlds.
- The immigrants’ cities slowly shrank the world’s natural wetlands and marshes, with wich the Devlikk had previously lived in close harmony.
- During the Great Galactic War, Jedi forces destroyed a Sith fleet above Ord Radama, and a heavily damaged dreadnought crashed into the planet, destroying its capital city, Livien Magnus. The city was re-built around the wreck over the centuries.

Ord Radama

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