CT1138 "Slinger"

Experienced military leader, surrogate father figure


Born: 32 BBY
Homeworld: Kamino (Tipoca City)
Notable Family: Jango Fett, Bobba Fett, every single clone trooper ever

CT1138 was was a first generation clone trooper who rose all the way to ARC Trooper Sergeant before deserting his post. He was given the name “Slinger” by his fellow troopers due to his use of two pistols at once.

“Slinger” couldn’t say why he was always different from other soldiers. He was always a good soldier, but he had a bad habit of “bending orders” to protect his fellow troopers or preserve lives. When Order 66 was enacted he found that he could not obey it and refused to fire on his Jedi general. He deserted and eked out a living as a farmer.

He watched the growing corruption of the Empire and was horrified by what the Republic that he had fought to defend had become. He witnessed with equal distain what the Imperial Stormtroopers had become. When he heard about the existence of the rebellion, he thought that it was time to re-join the fight. “Slinger” was no detective, but he knew strategy. He went to the nearest Rebel sympathizing world and asked around about them until they tried to take him captive. He outmaneuvered the unit that they sent after him and, after besting them, surrendered to them. Pointing out that they clearly needed his skills, he asked to be taken to their leadership.

The Rebellion has provisionally taken him in to give him a chance to prove his trustworthiness and worth to them. However, trust will clearly be hard for him to win. Due to the cloning process he is now of a more advanced age than his years. He’s been quite surprised by how out of training he has let himself become and how rusty all of his skills are.

CT1138 "Slinger"

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