Wayward Spirit Episode IV - Opening Crawl

Wayward Spirit
Episode IV

The GALACTIC EMPIRE has stepped up its efforts to locate and defeat the brave crew of the BLUE RADIANCE.  Even now, a team of probe droids, working with the dreaded Imperial Inquisition, hunts the Galaxy in search of the upstart heroes of the Alliance.

In the meantime, EMPEROR PALPATINE continues to pursue his secret project to expand his power and influence over the Galaxy through the use of the DARK TEMPLES. If the Emperor is successful in this project, it could spell doom for the Galaxy before the fledging Rebel Alliance can strike a killing blow.    

But the Emperor’s schemes have not gone unnoticed. Little does the Empire know, the crew of the WAYWARD SPIRIT has  secretly boarded the infamous PERLEMIAN HAUL in a daring effort to recover an artifact that could explain the secret to the Emperor’s consuming obsession with the Dark Temples…

Wayward Spirit Episode IV - Opening Crawl

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